Linux manual pages

This is a compilation of Linux manual pages, converted to HTML. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this compilation of Linux manual pages under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2; with the Invariant Sections being the license and copyright sections of each individual manual page, no Front-Cover texts, and no Back-Cover texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled “GNU Free Documentation License”.

Note that individual manual pages have different authors and distribution terms. This notice applies to this compilation of manual pages, as a whole. Individual manual pages may be redistributed as per their individual distribution terms.


This compilation does not contain all manual pages on a typical Linux installation. Linux manual pages come from thousands of individual software packages, with each package typically installing one or two pages, each. This compilation includes core manual pages selected from the following sources:

You can browse this compilation of Linux manual pages online, or download and peruse it at your leisure, by:

In all cases, please grab (my GPG key), and keep it handy.


You should confirm the source of any errors in this documentation, before reporting them. Linux manual pages are a collective effort of thousands of individuals. In most cases, this compilation does not correct errors that are present in the original manual page text.

Before reporting any errors to me, <>, check if the error exists is the same manual page in the same version of the original package. If not, the error is mine. I probably introduced it when I converted the manual page from its original troff source to HTML.

But if the error also exists in the original manual page, notify the manual page's original author, unless a newer version of the original package is available, and the error is already fixed in the newer version. If the newer version fixes the error, the fix will be included when I prepare a new version of this manual page compilation.

Release notes

  • These manual pages were translated from their native “troff” format by a heuristic script. Some minor markup tags may be wrong, here and there.

  • The mdoc(7) and mdoc.samples(7) manual pages are not converted. They document the man page native troff macro set, which is only of interest when working with manual pages in their native form. These pages exhibit every subtle nuance of troff formatting. The conversion script that parses the manual pages is not exactly a full-blown troff interpreter, and knows just barely enough to understand the contents of regular manual pages.